Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Eye Spy Thankfulness!

I ran across a great activity from the other day called Eye Spy Thankfulness!  Take a simple paper towel or toilet paper tube and let the kids decorate it.  Help them write "Psalm 106:1" on  it, and look through the tube to "spy" things to be greatful for.  This is a great alternative to video games or devices on a quick car trip, or before dinner starts to interact with your kids!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Volunteers are My Superheroes

Why Volunteers are My Superheroes

I think back to when I first started ministry.  I had a guilty conscience and no desire to be around children, like ever.  A few heavy conversations from an Associate Pastor and  boom, I was an official Nursery Worker trying to guilt my husband into helping me (unsuccessfully I might add!).  Fast forward 12 years, and now I am the Director of our Kidmin and care for 40-90 volunteers depending on the time of year.  Thinking back from the perspective of being a volunteer then transitioning into full time ministry, here are some basics I try remember about our volunteers...

  1. You represent me, our church, and our entire ministry as a Friendship Kids volunteer
  2. You will be the reason people love or hate serving in this ministry
  3. You make this a priority in your life based on the ownership you feel you have  in your role
  4. How you pursue God is directly related to your ministry health
  5. As a Ministry Volunteer you are committing to a higher level of accountability  in your life
And here is why you are one of my Superheroes
  1. You impact families and kids directly every week, that's nothing to take lightly.
  2. You put aside your personal struggles and everything that went wrong that morning, that week, and that month to serve God with a joyful heart.
  3. God is using your talents and gifts to save real people from going to Hell.
  4. You may be the only "church person" who was ever nice to that kid or parent
  5. You are the reason kids say, "I love going there!" And why families say they want to come back!
It's not just lipservice when I say, I love our volunteers.  I sincerely do.  Thank you all of you Friendship Kids Vols.  I can't do it alone, and I am proud to put on a cape, and do ministry right next to you!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ministry Sets On a Budget

How do you do kid's church on a budget?  For our 3yrs-5yrs Room and our K-5th Grade room, we are in the process of trying to copy a set design originally from Elevate Church here.

They used Neon Lights, but the closest I could find in our area was a car kit.  The big challenge for us is that in our kid's spaces we don't have a stage that keeps kids from touching anything hot or dangerous, so everything we do has to be ridiculously safe AND we must be able to mount it to the wall without drilling holes into it.  

So far our budget friendly copy-cat set for this has started with White Poster Board that we cut and taped together as the frame for the arrow, then we are going to mount LED rope lights to the inside using giant glue dots or zip ties.  Here is where we are now...
 This is just our rough draft, the lights have not yet been fastened to the frame, but at least it gives you the idea.  We will then use the command strips that look like Velcro to attach each arrow to the wall in our kid's rooms.  Can't wait to see how it turns out!  Stay tuned for a follow up post on the finished effect!

My hope is that the shiny white poster board will help concentrate and reflect the desired color, we will see!

So how do you decorate or change up the kid's spaces in your church for big series, or major holidays?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Winner of the FREE E-Book Giveaway!

Lauren McCombs wins the FREE E-Book Giveaway!  I will send that your way shortly!  I pray it may be an encouragement to you as you grow in Christ!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

FREE E-Book Giveaway!

Celebrate Illuminate Nashville!

In celebration of Illuminate Nashville, we here at Friendship Kids are so excited to giveaway a FREE E-Book on Kidmin to one of our Friendship Kids volunteers, and one random Kidmin Volunteer from another church who participates!  Now our awesome giveaways will all be from the amazing and talented Jim Wideman!  We bought several E-Books to giveaway as resources to our team to help encourage and equip them as we all continue to grow.  Keep your eyes peeled for more fun and giveaways coming soon! 

So, to qualify you must leave a comment on this blog that includes the name of your church, the Kidmin or Children's Ministry you currently serve in, and some feedback on Jim's article; Keeping Your Technology Tools from Becoming Toys

Have fun and thanks for playing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rebranding Part 2: Toddler Nursery

Nursery Rebrand Plan

We wanted to completely transform our Toddler and Infant Nurseries, but are working on a cosmetic-only budget.  So I hit Pinterest and, and chose the color palette for our Woodlands inspired theme.  Think furry forest animals, specifically cozy little baby hedgehogs.  We are going for cozy and calm for the Infants, and bright and exciting for our Toddlers while still using the same main colors and accent colors in each room!  

Toddler Nursery


 To the Left is the Before picture of the same wall in our Toddler Nursery, and below is the after!  We removed the ugly shelf and switched the cabinet over to this wall.  Our main colors are 
Yellow Lettuce (Light Green)
Black Bear (Dark Brown on the Cubbies) and Oyster Shell (The small wall).

Our accent colors are White and Beach Ball (Yellow).  The trees once I got the hang of it were SUPER easy to apply, and they have adorable yellow birds that look like they are flitting to each branch!


Now when parents walk in they see the view below!  No more plain grey walls!  Now this space is an eciting compliment to our peaceful Infant Nursery!  The only bummer is our old crayola carpet.  We are hoping to replace the carpet with something that says "forest floor".  Unfortunately on a cosmetic only budget, carpet doesn't quite fit!

Our lovely tree and bird decals were purchased through Amazon with  They sent the wrong colored birds at first, but were happy to exchange them for the right color at no cost!    The instructions were easy to follow, and so far the decals are sticking perfectly!  They are like a Fathead material, so just think of a wallpaper/sticker combo.    I have one last tree I am going to place on the little  Oyster Shell accent wall (pictured above).  Just a little tree  in the corner with one more yellow bird and our cosmetic transformation is complete for this room!

Stay tuned next week for our Infant Nursery Rebrand!  And if ANYONE has a lead on affordable fabric in a large chevron pattern in Yellow, Brown, or Light Green PLEASE message me on where I can get it!  I am looking for 3 yards to recover our rocking chairs!  Exciting prints don't scare me, so any suggestions are welcome!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rebranding Our Kidmin

Rebranding our Kidmin

From Old School to New School

We were in need of a major ministry makeover!  Our old branding just didn't tell anyone who we really are as a ministry.  Our Strategy is Equipping Families by Engaging Kids and Empowering Parents.  I passionately believe kids need to learn with all 5 senses, Jesus wasn't boring and our kidmin can't be either!  We will certainly leave a lasting impression on every child we come in contact with whether good or bad, and even scarier (maybe not the most fun word, but being honest here, healthy fear!) is that we will have to answer as teachers of the Word for how we have led our little ones!  This is a big responsibility that I don't want to take lightly. 

So, re-branding.  Our amazing design diva, Sarah Pead, came up with the new look for Friendship Kids based on the concept of the ministry being a controlled explosion, like an engine.  On the ground level it can look like chaos; like kids literally covered head to toe in cornstarch and paint (image the ignition sequence where the gasoline meets that spark plug), but in reality there is an intentional set up and function of each individual piece (whether game, activity, or snack) and how it fits together to create the momentum of the entire ministry vehicle. 

 My hope and prayer is that we are paving the road for these kids to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  As they make choices to move closer to him or further away from him, I have to know that I have done everything as a ministry leader that I can to communicate God's word and to be an encouragement for them.

 Just think of all the families and children we will be able to impact as we move forward with our Vision and Mission of Friendship reaching un-churched and de-churched people for Christ!  I will do my best to blog each space transition as well.  Next up is our Infant and Toddler Nursery transformation.  I did a poor job taking before pictures, so I will do my best next week to show you just how far they have come!